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NCGS 93B-3, "Register of persons licensed; information as to licensed status of individuals," requires that the Board make available a register of all persons currently licensed by the Board and that the register be updated annually by listing the changes made in it by reason of new licenses issued, licenses revoked or suspended, death, or any other cause. In addition, the Board shall, upon request of any citizen of the State, inform the requesting person as to the licensed status of any individual.

To fulfill the requirements of NCGS 93B-3, the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners has made the public record portions of its database available through this website. The online public database is constructed using information provided to the Board by its licensees, and as such, is only as accurate as the information provided by each licensee. The database is generally updated in real time; however, there may be occasional delays in updating the information. The Board does not guarantee the use of this information for any purpose and as such, the information obtained from this database is not an official endorsement of any licensee or CPA firm.

Although the Board does not sell or rent the mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses of its current or former licensees (including CPA firms) or Uniform CPA Examination candidates, consistent with NCGS 93B-3, the Board does make available a "Register of Active North Carolina CPAs." This register contains names only and is sorted alphabetically. The register does not include those individuals who are on inactive, retired, suspended, revoked, or surrendered status. The register is printed in two-column format on 8.5" by 11" paper and is approximately 200 pages. Please contact the Board’s Executive Director, Robert N. Brooks, for additional information regarding the Register and the cost.

NOTE: If you have problems accessing the database, please contact Buck Winslow, Manager of Licensing.


As a service to the public, the Board has made its public record disciplinary action files available through this website. If an individual or firm has any public record disciplinary action on file with the Board, a link, "Public Documents," will display on the Details page of the individual’s record or the firm’s record. In accordance with NCGS 93-12.2, records, papers, and other documents containing information collected or compiled by the Board, its members, or employees, as a result of a complaint, investigation, inquiry, or interview in connection with an application for examination, certification, or registration, or in connection with a certificate holder’s professional ethics and conduct, shall not be considered public records within the meaning of Chapter 132 of the General Statutes. Any notice or statement of charges against a certificate holder or applicant, or any notice to a certificate holder or applicant of a hearing to be held by the Board is a public record, even though it may contain information collected and compiled as a result of a complaint, investigation, inquiry, or interview conducted by the Board. If any record, paper, or other document containing information collected and compiled by the Board is admitted into evidence in a hearing held by the Board, it shall then be a public record within the meaning of Chapter 132 of the General Statutes.

NOTE: You must turn off all pop-up blockers in order to see the full record. The public record disciplinary actions are either PDF documents, which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the documents, or TIFFs (images), which require Microsoft Office Document Imaging to view and print the documents. In order to print all pages of some TIFF documents, you may need to use the "select all pages" option before selecting the "print" function.